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How to install z3x ? it drives me CRAAAAZY !! Help HELP help~~~ Please !~~~!

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Here's the problem,

Install z3x shell, install Samsung 2G, install Samsung 3G, install LG 2G-3G
(z3x can read the activation OK)

Start z3x shell, chose any phone model, start tool,

the software tool will start up, and close by itself after 1 sec.

I tried on my Desktop, on my Thinkpad t400, x120e, on my SONY SE190s

I tied Win7 64bit Win7 32bit

9 out of 10 will have this issue.

I spend more than 100 hours on this, re-install system countless of times.

I searched on here, on GSMhosting, no one is reporting similar issue as I have

I feel so desperate now :(

Did I miss some thing ? Can ANY one help me out ? 救命啊
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Connect box to PC, run shell, press "Show more futures" post screenshot here.
Registered: Dec 2011
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Thanks for your reply.

I found a little clue, the Samsung phone I want to unlock is T669. which is Qualcomm based.

But in the left window, it shows the samsung qualcomm is not activated. Could this be why?

But I did successfully use the Samsung 2G tool unlocked this phone once

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