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Cannot Unlock I8190L 4.1.2

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Cannot Unlock I8190L 4.1.2
No Answer From Phone On Second Stage To Connect To UART

I Have 2 RJ45 UART Cables One New And The Regular One I Use.
Both Same Problem... Also Phone Is Rooted...

Any Assistance Would Be Good...

Selected model: I8190L
Selected port: COM7 Z3X BOX Serial Port
Selected port speed: 115200
Reading phone info...
Model: GT-I8190L
Android version: 4.1.2
Product code: GT-I8190MBLJDI
Phone version: I8190LUBAMB1
PDA version: I8190LUBAMB1
CSC version: I8190LJDIAMB1
IMEI: 355258055827740
Phone S/N: R21D39NG1PX
Checking Super user right... true
Reading data from phone... OK
Now connect phone to UART cable
Checking phone at COM7
No answer from phone
Done with Samsung Tool v.15.5
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Check your uart cable.
Registered: Feb 2012
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Thanks... But Have New Cable And Still Same Problem...

Someone Said They Had That Same Problem And They Changed Box And Their Problem Was Solved....Check Post....

I'm Looking For Box And PCB To Buy Without Cables...

Which Should I Use The GPG Or The One In The Link Below..I Can't Seem To Find The GPG Without Smartcard And Cables...,Box,Casing,,PCB,without,Smartcard,Without,cables,,Compatible,for,Top,Gemalto,Smart,Card,294645.php?prod=294645

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