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i9000 imei change

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I bought a galaxy s i9000 from a local dealer, but it turned out that imei number of that phone is blacklisted,so after I put my sim card in and enter the pin the phone tries to connect to the umts network, and it fails. So basically what I have is an expensive brick. The local dealer didn't provide any help, and unfortunately I don't have warranty. I guess there is a reason why the phone was 40% cheaper than in an normal store.

Can I use z3xbox to change imei number of a i9000 to something else? I don't need to repair the imei or get it back to factory setting. I really need just to change it.
The idea is simple. I own a new I5500 with warranty. I would like to simply take the imei number from my I5500 and using z3xbox transfer that number into i9000.
After the procedure, I would throw away my I5500 into trash, but I would have a I9000 with a normal working imei.

Is it possible to change, not repair, but to reiterate once more, to change IMEI number of a Galaxy S i9000 into an arbitrary number I myself choose?

If it is possible, I will order the box from an authorized reseller right away!

P.S. If someone doesn't want to post an answer you can PM me!
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Repair IMEI function - ONLY for repair original(damaged) IMEI
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mk, thanks for the honest anwser. Look like my i9000 is going to the trash can.
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Sell your phone in another country... Best solution to recover some money...!!!
Nishith B.

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